Bowen Island Facebook Groups

Photo: Islander Keith Patterson

Bowen Island Facebook Groups

The following descriptions are taken from the ‘About’ section for each Facebook group page (as of May 31, 2021).

Know of a group that should be in this list? Please email:

Baby Connections Bowen Island

For expecting and new parents, as well as their babies 0-12 months. Scheduled guest speakers, tea/coffee and snacks. Friday 11am – 1pm (closed on holidays). [open page]

Beautiful Bowen Island

[open page]

BIFF: Bowen Islanders for Ferry Fairness

Aa grassroots organization advocating for integrated, effective transportation services on Bowen Island. Listening to and sharing transportation issues experienced by island residents, businesses, and tourists, with the goal of timely improvements and a sustainable long-term vision. [open page]

Bowen Artists/Crafters/Growers/Jammers

A place where Bowen islanders can post items they made by hand or grown, to sell & share with others on island. Unlike the buy/sell/trade this page is just for things made by your own two hands…art, pottery, dog beds, Jewellery, jams, produce, paper & fabric crafts, gift items….all posts must be new & made by you!! Also a place to ask questions about your craft or a new one, share tips, trade/loan/sell surplus supplies & materials and help a fellow artist out 🙂 [open page]

Bowen Businesses & Community

Bowen Businesses connecting to Bowenites & Friends of Bowenites. Serving our community…. [open page]

Bowen Disc Golf Club

Bowen Islands first and only Disc Golf Course is now open! Located at Veterans Park on Bowen Island. [open page]

Bowen Doggies (and other pets)

Dog walks, play, questions, lost dogs, found dogs, dogsitting — plus all our other beloved animals. [open page]

Bowen Gardeners

This is a community group for Bowen Islanders who are interested in & enthusiastic about gardening. [open page]

Bowen Gardeners Marketplace: Buy, Sell & Trade

This is a community buy & sell group for Bowen Islanders who are keen to buy, sell, or trade plants, seeds or gardening supplies. Feel free to create an ISO post if you’re looking for something and you’re welcome to offer freebies too. [open page]

Bowen Island Artist’s Way Group

[open page]

Bowen Island Babysitting

[open page]

Bowen Island BC, Renters & Landlords Discussion Page

This page has been created to allow a forum for discussions around Renting, Rentals and Rental housing issues on Bowen Island, BC. It’s a sister page of the Bowen Island Rentals and FSBO Page. [open page]

Bowen Island Businesses, Jobs, News

This group is for People, Businesses to post for jobs needed, people looking for work, general Bowen Island Events. [open page]

Bowen Island (Canada) Recreational Archery Club

[open page]

Bowen Island Commuters

A page for Bowen Residents traveling back and forth to the big smoke for work. [open page]

Bowen Island Doings: Classes/Programs/Workshops/Seminars

This is a closed group for posting about classes, workshops, tutoring, coaching etc. either ongoing, session-based or one time. [open page]

Bowen Island Electric Vehicles

This group is for Bowen Islanders who own or are interested in finding out or sharing information about electric vehicles. [open page]

Bowen Island Events

A public group for the community created by the community to see and share what’s happening on Bowen Island, BC. [open page]

Bowen Island Everything Else

This is a Bowen-centric group for all matters that are not (necessarily) for buy, sell, trade or loan. This group is not a place to (necessarily) post about small jobs, tasks, errands, ride-shares, events, rentals or canning! This is a page where you can post your questions, queries and “everything else” regarding day-to-day life on Bowen not readily fitting into our other fabulous groups’ categories. While the Phorum is for discussion, this page is aimed toward giving and receivng a quick answer. (Discussions are welcome, however!) Need some direction? Willing to offer it? This page will give you the answers even when ‘google’ can’t! [open page]

Bowen Island Foodies

[open page]

Bowen Island Gas Station Updates

[open page]

Bowen Island Gifts

A place to share ideas for gifts to support our Bowen Island businesses! Products, services, entertainment, experiences, gift certificates,… If you’ve found a great idea, if you’re in search of something on Bowen, or if you have something to sell, post here! [open page]

Bowen Island Land Art

The Bowen Island Land Art group is dedicated to the creation and promotion of land art on Bowen Island. Connect with others. Arrange art-making sessions. Post workshops, interests, examples of favourite works, hidden treasures, new creations, ideas, thoughts, longings, blue-sky possibilities, and calls for participation. We believe –and as reflected in the newly-minted Bowen Island Cultural Plan– that Bowen Island is ideally suited to the creation of Land Art. Land Art could further a host of other desired opportunities on the Island, including locally-based economic and tourist initiatives. The opportunities for creating Land Art are limited only by one’s imagination and the natural materials at hand. Art can vary from the simplest/smallest creations using leaves, stones, or flowers to large-scale pieces. Materials are often free and found at-hand. Land Art creation is accessible to all ages and demographic groups regardless of background, skills, abilities, or finances. [open page]

Bowen Island Fastpitch League

Share the stats, game synopses, injury reports and the latest trash talk on Bowen’s greatest fastpitch players! [open page]

Bowen Island NERPs

This page is intended to be a forum for NERP volunteers to ask questions, share information, and coordinate our collective efforts. It is for NERP volunteers only. In a major disaster—such as an earthquake, pandemic, severe weather event, wildfire etc.—the Province and the Municipality may not have the resources to come to our immediate aid. We will have to rely on ourselves and those around us, our neighbours. It is critical that every household is prepared and ready to help themselves and, if possible, assist their neighbours. NERP is a collaborative grassroots program to encourage emergency preparation and assist neighbours in the event of an emergency. As the local NERP volunteer, you play a critical role in this effort. [open page]

Bowen Island Photography

Open to all Bowen Island photographers. [open page]

Bowen Island Forest Protection Group

A group created for concerned citizens of Bowen Island to research and disseminate information and build an action plan to protect our precious island forests from threats including but not limited to commercial logging, climate change and forest fires. [open page]

Bowen Island BC – Rentals and FSBO

Have a property to rent on Bowen Island? Looking for a place to live? Selling a property or home, or wanting to buy one? This is a place to post. [open page]

Bowen Island – Shop Local

Postings welcome for crafters (adults & kids), businesses, and services with a focus on purchasing for the holidays, e.g. crafts, gift cards, business products… [open page]

Bowen Island SloPitch League

For league and team schedules and updated standings go to:

The purpose of the League shall be to offer organized and structured league competition in Slo Pitch on Bowen Island; promote, govern, improve and develop the game of Slo Pitch, in a responsible and organized environment for personal enjoyment and recreation of its participants; and promote and sponsor games and other social events and functions.

[open page]

Bowen Island Task/Errand/Small Jobs

Hi! This will be a place we can post things we have been meaning to get to and just cant find the time. Post what you need and all can respond if its something they are interested in helping you with!! [open page]

Bowen Island Tech

This group is for people who are involved in technology or have an interest in learning about technology, living on Bowen Island. [open page]

Bowen Island Trail Runners

This group is for trail runners and wannabe trail runners interested in making good use of Bowen Island’s trail network for casual, organized and even disorganized running – meet here and plan your weekend around a trail run! [open page]

Bowen Ferry Realtime Updates

[open page]

Bowen Life

Bowen Life is a page dedicated to sharing photos, videos and info about our beautiful Bowen Island, BC, Canada. Hashtag your Bowen pics! #bowen_life [open page]

Bowen Lift

Welcome to Bowen LIFT! Linking Islanders through Friendly Transportation. This Facebook group exists to help drivers and riders from Bowen Island find rides and riders both on and off island. [open page]

Buy Nothing Bowen Island, B.C.

Buy Nothing. Give Freely. Share creatively.

Follow us at

We offer members a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of micro-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors. Post anything you’d like to give away, lend, or share in this Buy Nothing community group. Ask for anything you’d like to receive for free or borrow.

Buy Nothing Bowen Island, BC is for neighbors on Bowen Island, BC. In this group there is no buying or selling, no trades or bartering, no soliciting for cash. We’re an adult-only, hyper-local gift economy. We are not a charity or community bulletin board.

[open page]

CAWES Bowen’s Animal Welfare Rescue Group

[open page]

Chicken & Farm Talk for Bowen Island

Add aA place for residents of Nex̱wlélex̱m/Bowen Island BC to share resources, experiences, etc. related to keeping chickens, goats, and other livestock on Bowen Island. This group is intended to be supportive and informative. [open page]

For Rent Bowen

Private Houses & Units for Rent in Bowen. [open page]

Flatten the Curve – Bowen Island Help and Local Info

This group is for Bowen Islanders who want to (1) ask for or offer help and (2) provide *local* information about COVID-19. [open page]

Hell Yeah! Bowen Island

HYBI is the perfect outlet to share your community experiences and PAY-IT-FORWARD stories! This is a group dedicated to the residents of Bowen Island who enjoy living, working and playing on this awesome nugget in the middle of Howe Sound. It’s about showing of the scenery, events, restaurants, attractions and most importantly the people who contribute to this community. Feel free to show everybody you are proud call Bowen Island your home. [open page]

Knick Knack Nook online store – Bowen Island (Canada)

This is a Facebook group for advertising items for sale on Bowen Island B.C. Canada, with the intention of all proceeds going to the Knick Knack Nook. Garage sale announcements welcome if a portion of proceeds are being donated to the Nook. [open page]

The New Bowen Island, B.C. Buy and Sell

This group is about buying and selling stuff you don’t want but you think others might. [open page]

Paladar on Bowen

Paladar on Bowen is an opportunity to share your love of food. Hungry for something else?! Paladar is here to satisfy that hunger. Paladar is about local food and local sharing. It is about growing community and a vibrant local economy and local entrepreneurs. It’s furthering a vibrant food sharing culture of which our local restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers’ markets are an integral and delicious part. Paladar is not a replacement for our local restaurants – keep supporting them!! Paladar is for those times when you want something else. [open page]

Regenerative Bowen Island (formerly Bowen in Transition)

Regenerative Bowen Island, formerly known as Bowen in Transition, has been working since 2010 to inspire and educate our community by creating and promoting programs that: – Create a healthy, community-based food system – Support and enable conservation of our energy, freshwater and other vital resources – Protect and regenerate our forests, ocean and unique local ecology and biodiversity – Build community and capacity for resilience by developing networks and skills, informed by Indigenous knowledge and science – Encourage a more viable local economy – Celebrate and honour Nex̱wlélex̱wm (Bowen Island), where we live, work and play.

[open page]

TedX Bowen Island

[open page]

Visual Artists of Bowen Island

Painters, sculptors, graphic artists, photographers and artists who work in mixed media or digital on Bowen Island, B.C. [open page]