Ron Woodall’s Art

Ron Woodall self-portrait banner

Painted photo by Ron Woodall

Bowen Island’s Ron Woodall: Political Satirist, Cartoonist, Wizard of Expo 86, Exceptional Artist and
all-round Great Guy



Painted Bowen Scenes

Painted Archival Bowen Photos

Original Paintings from his book ‘Magnificent Derelicts:
A Celebration of Older Buildings’

We’lll be making the galleries more user-friendly in the coming weeks, for easier viewing of the more detailed cartoons, for example.

All images, art and drawings copyright Ron Woodall 2022.
But he has never refused a request, for free.

From Ron’s book Magnificent Derelicts

Ron Woodall’s Cartoons
(Disclaimer: Ron says he’s 87 years old and no one should take him seriously)

You may have seen some of these in the Undercurrent over the almost two decades that Ron has been providing an editorial cartoon to our local paper. Perhaps you’ve seen some on Facebook, where Ron has a little more freedom to play on the edge of ‘appropriateness’. There may even be hidden gems below that were not even deemed by Ron (!) to be acceptable for posting on Bowen Island Everything Else…

I approached Ron with my idea to have his cartoons, portraits, Bowen painted scenes archived here on The Bowen Book website. I had no idea what I was getting into!

Many of the cartoons here have a back story. They represent a time or situation in Bowen Island’s past, where Ron’s extraordinary intelligence, talent and often quirky humour were able to cut through the BS with just a few drawn lines and a short caption. Many sketches are still relevant today…

Enjoy, and be sure to tell your friends 😉

Claudia Schaefer

Portraits of Bowen Islanders: Painted Photographs by Ron Woodall

Ron has painted about a thousand portraits (literally!) of Bowen Islanders. Below are some examples showing the incredible talent Ron has to photograph people, often candidly, always catching their essence. He then transforms these photographs using a loose watercolour technique that elevates the portraits to true works of art.

Over the coming months, the full repertoire of Ron’s portrait work will be uploaded to this page.

Please come back.

Bowen Island Scenes: Photographed and Painted by Ron Woodall

Archival photos from the Bowen Island Museum, painted by Ron Woodall

Original Paintings by Ron Woodall from his book ‘Magnificent Derelicts: A Celebration of Older Buildings’

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