Local Resources

Local Resources

A collection of useful guides and local histories.

Now that we’ve brought the Bowen Island Phone Book online, we’re happy to share some of our most-well received resources, guides and collections with you.

We’ll be adding more content in the months to come.

Bowen Bird Guide

Photo by G. Bagshaw

Learn about the incredible birds we have here on Bowen Island. More than 50 birds featured in our Bowen Island Birds guide.

Ron Woodall’s Art

Photograph of VONIGO painted by Ron Woodall

Bowen Island’s Ron Woodall: our resident political satirist, cartoonist, exceptional artist and all-round Great Guy. View his work here.

History of Phone Book Covers

Photo by Claudia Schaefer

Enjoy over three decades of Bowen Phone Book covers! View the exceptional cover art by Bowen Island photographers and artists.

Gardening with Native Plants

Photo: Fraser Valley Conservancy

Create a backyard or garden that supports nature with tips on attracting pollinators and birds, habitat, and most suitable plants throughout the whole season. View the Guide.

Meet Bowen Island Artists

Artist Jean Bradbury

There are so many talented artists on Bowen Island, from sculptors, painters, ceramicists to writers, performers, photographers, jewellers, textile and metal artists. Meet some of our artists!

Bowen Island Facebook Groups

Photo by Claudia Schaefer

There are a wide variety of groups on Facebook run by Bowen Islanders. From learning about gardening on Bowen to Islander news, you can find useful Bowen-specific information on the social media platform.

Useful Bowen Island Phone Numbers

Photo by Lisa Brougham

The Bowen Island Municipality’s list of useful phone numbers is updated every year for our Phone Book. Now you can view it online!

Bowen Clubs and Organizations

Photo by Keith Patterson

There are a great many groups, clubs and organizations that operate on Bowen for Bowen Islanders. Want to learn more about community or volunteer? Browse the list.